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 'Places where every student and staff member can flourish!' 

 16 Countries - 512 Schools - 4316 Leaders - 22,519 Staff 

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Australia | New Zealand | South Africa | Phillipines | Qatar | United Arab Emirates | Dubai | China  Iraq | Saudi Arabia | Hong Kong | Bahrain | Trinidad & Tobago | Kazakhstan | UK | Indonesia 

HPTschools Logo The Big Goal: Every School Flourishing
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Working with HPTschools

Our Big Ideas

1. High Performance Schools are Places where every student & staff member can flourish

1. High Performance Schools are places where every student and every staff member can flourish.

2. High Performance Schools are built by extraordinary school leaders who do the right work, at the right time and in the right way.

3. High Performance Teams enable teachers to maximise their impact on student learning.

School / Cluster 
Programs/ Cluster 

The High Performance Schools 12-Month School Transformation Program

The High Performance Schools 

12-Month School Transformation Program

Staff Professional Development

Staff Professional Learning Programs

 Staff Professional Learning Programs

Middle Leader

Leadership Masterclass - 5 Key Skills for building HPT

Leadership Masterclass 

The 5 Key Skills for Building

High Performance Teaching Teams

HPT Leadership

HPT Leadership Coaching - Group Coaching & Individual Programs

HPT Leadership Coaching 

Group Coaching and Individual Programs



"The High Performance Teams Program has enabled my school to have a clear vision and set of actions for moving from good to great!"

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"The High Performance Teams Program was the platform for our leadership team to collaborate, plan and support each other better."

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"The High Performance Teams Program provided the insights and tools needed to support cultural and personal change in my school."

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