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1. What is HPT Leadership Coaching?

HPT Leadership Coaching creates a professional coaching environment to help School Leaders Level Up their leadership by setting up the learning environment, accountability structures, and support needed to fast track the development of key leadership skills for building sustainable High Performance Schools - places where both Students and Staff Can Flourish!

2. How Does HPT Leadership Coaching Compare to Other School-Based Coaching Programs?

Not all coaching programs are created equal. When implementing a Coaching Program for School Leaders you need to consider your school’s goals and what this means for the program’s Focus (Personal Growth vs. Leadership Performance), Format (One-to-one vs. Group) and Formality  (Ad Hoc vs. Structured).


HPT Leadership Coaching programs are Structured, Performance-Focused Group-Coaching Programs ideally suited for Middle Leaders – from those aspiring leaders without titles who put their hands up to take on extra responsibilities to the Year Level coordinators, Heads of Curriculum, Heads of Departments, Heads of Special Education Services and Deputy Principals.

When compared to traditional school-based coaching programs (typically ad-hoc, one-on-one, personal growth focused), HPT Leadership Coaching Programs (Structured, Performance Focused, Group Based) have a 4x greater impact on Collective Teacher Efficacy (CTE) - the single largest factor that impacts school performance!

3. How Do HPT Leadership Coaching Sessions Work?

Group coaching cohorts of 4 to 5 middle leaders meet for 60-90 minutes on a monthly, bi-monthly, or termly schedule, virtually or face-to-face to support each other on the hot issues and strategic challenges they face in relation to building a sustainable High Performance School culture. Each cohort is led by a HPT Master Coach who ensures that  sessions are  Inclusive, Supportive,  Proactive,  Strategic, and  that 

group members are accountable for their goals.


Group member needs are met using a structured session agenda. Group members arrive highly focused  and ready to tackle their most critical issues by completing their personal Leadership Update Tool pre-session.

Start Now!

To get started with HPT Coaching Programs for building High Performance Teaching Teams in your school or region contact Alistair Kerr.
M: 0410 325 220       E: admin@hptschools.com       W: www.HPTschools.com

Dr Pete Stebbins, PhD

HPT Master Trainer

Dr Pete Stebbins is a workplace psychologist, executive coach, author and speaker. Pete has many years of research and professional practice behind him working in leading large scale transformational programs across education and health. 

Danielle Photo.jpg

Dr Danielle Stebbins, PhD

HPT Master Trainer

Danielle is a clinical psychologist and specialises in leadership coaching and facilitation of the High Performance Teams program across school leadership teams. She has extensive experience working across both education and health with complex team, strategy and organisational challenges.

Nick Burnett


Nick is an Education and Learning Entrepreneur, author, presenter, executive and team coach. He has a particular interest and expertise in the areas of conversations, coaching and leadership and has been a teacher, senior leader and school principal.

Alistair Kerr

HPT Master Trainer

Alistair is a psychologist and leadership development professional. Alistair's driving passions at work are building sustainable High Performance Teams; helping teams that are struggling to move forward, as well as teams that are inspired to go from good to great; and using technology to change the way that businesses support employee wellbeing at work.

Drew Allison

HPT Coach

Drew has more than 29 years experience in teaching, principalship, training, facilitation, coaching and consultation. He is an independent behavioural consultant and Principal Tutor for Team-Teach Asia Pacific.

Judi Newman


Judi is is an experienced high school principal and leadership coach. Her leadership coaching work is informed by Neuroscience, Psychology and learning theory with a particular focus on differentiating a leadership approach to manage, mentor and coach. 

Jenny Cole


Jenny is a sought after coach, facilitator and speaker because of her ability to challenge people to be their very best. In her career she has worked as a teacher, school principal, coach and facilitator and works within a positive psychology framework to facilitate change in her clients.

Clifford Morgan


Clifford is a registered psychologist and executive coach who specialises in leadership, team and culture development. With a background in the Air Force, Clifford combines discipline and focus with a dynamic presence and a splash of fun to help leadership teams increase performance and engagement.

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