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HPT People: Meet The Team!

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Dr Pete Stebbins, PhD is a workplace psychologist, executive coach & author of the book: “Leading Flourishing Schools.” Pete has many years of research and professional practice behind him working extensively in education and health. Pete is the director of the High Performance Schools Program working with a large number of schools to maximise staff and student outcomes.

Alistair Kerr is a workplace psychologist and leadership development professional and co-author of the book ‘Leading Flourishing Schools’. Alistair's driving passion at work is building sustainable High Performance Teams in schools - helping teams that are struggling as well as teams that are inspired to go from good to great. Alistair is also focused on using technology to change the way schools support employee wellbeing at work.

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Dr Danielle Stebbins, PhD, is a clinical psychologist specialising in leadership coaching and facilitation of the High Performance Teams program across school leadership teams. She has extensive experience working across both education and health with complex team, strategy and organisational challenges. She is passionate about working with teams to deliver sustainable outcomes and high performance workforce cultures. Danielle works with school, regional and corporate leadership teams.

Heidi McGlashan is an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Principal on career break! Heidi has extensive experience in leading school improvement – implementing a range of team development, quality teaching and learning, and schoolwide pedagogy initiatives. Heidi is passionate about working with schools to build capacity and capability across teaching, support, and leadership teams.

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Jenny Cole is a sought after coach, facilitator and speaker because of her ability to challenge people to be their very best. In her career she has worked as a teacher, school principal, coach and facilitator and works within a positive psychology framework to facilitate change.

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Cliff Morgan a workplace psychologist, facilitator and coach who specialises in leadership and team development. With a background in the Air Force, Cliff has a dynamic presence and adds in a splash of fun to help staff in schools work effectively together in High Performance Teams.

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