"Accomplishing the maximum impact on student learning depends on teams of teachers working together effectively..."

Prof. John Hattie

The Highest Level of HPT

Level 5 Teams 

Our Mission: Every Team in Every School is a

High Performance Team

PD Sessions:

Introducing HPT to

Your School

Getting Started: HPT PD Sessions & DIY Activities

Many schools begin the journey by participating in one of ten staff PD sessions offered by HPTschools or by watching some of the online videos, via our online learning course or reading one of the HPT Level Up books or workbooks. 

Team Development

Programs: 4 KPIs

Foundations: Team Development Programs

HPT Team Development Programs run over 12 months and begin with 2 days of Foundation Workshops where teams develop their knowledge of HPT and develop their team strategy and 12 month HPT Action Plan.

Building High Performance Teams: 5 Skills

Intermediate: HPT Leadership Skills Masterclass

HPT Leadership Skills Masterclass is a 2-day course for Leaders who have completed, at a minimum, the HPT Introductory Workshops. We cover 5 key modules you will need to be able to effectively facilitate the implementation of HPT in your team.

School Transformation

Train x Trainer

Advanced: HPT Workplace Trainer

HPT Train x Trainer is a 3-day course for leaders with previous HPT training. We equip you to be able to train internal staff to deliver HPT Modules and learn evaluation methodologies to measure whole of organisation transformation.

HPT Coaching Programs

& Leadership Forums

HPT Coaching Programs & Leadership Forums are a fantastic next step for leaders following on from HPT development programs. Using best practice coaching & mentoring methods and executive update tools, school leaders meet on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule virtually or face-to-face to support each other on the hot issues and strategic challenges they face in the ongoing journey towards best practice. 

Find out more:


School Transformation 1-2 Year Planner* 

Introductory Staff PD Sessions, Book Clubs & Quick PD Shares in Meetings

Introductory Staff PD Sessions, Books, Links, Youtube Video, Online Assessments


Introducing HPT

Student Free Week/Days or PLC Meetings

* 12 Month 





12 Month Program

Senior Leadership Team

Full HPT Implementation

Full HPT Program, 360s, Coaching,

Pulse Surveys

Stage 1

Senior Leadership Team/s


February Start

2 Day Middle Leaders 

HPT Skills Course

Foundation Workshops, Follow Up Forums, 360s, Coaching & Pulse Survey

Stage 2

Middle Leaders

Train x Trainer




HPT Resource Kits & 5 Team Based HPT Workshops Led By Supervisor

Staff HPT Resource Packs, 5 x Internal HPT Workshops Led By Supervisor, 12-month Pulse Survey Subscription

Stage 3

All Staff

 *24 Month Timeline: Year 1 - Complete Stage 1 and Pre-Work for Staff; Year 2 - Complete Stage 2 & 3

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