High Performance Leadership Teams 
 in Australian Schools 

The High Performance Leadership Teams Program (HPT) is rapidly becoming the No.1 Leadership Team Development Program for Australian Schools. The HPT Schools Program has been successfully rolled out at over 403 schools with 4116 leaders covering over 15204 staff in both site and cluster formats and has been delivered successfully in both large and small schools. It is also a very cost effective cluster and regional strategy for combining multiple school leadership teams (i.e. Southernvale, Maranoa, Gladstone, Emerald, Inner Downs, Gold Coast and Metro Clusters and South East, Northcoast, Darling Downs and Central Queensland Regions).

School Leadership Team Program Goals...
  • Combine the Strengths of Individual Leaders to Become a High Performance Leadership Team
  • Develop School Wide Strategy to Maximise Student, Staff and Parent Satisfaction & Outcomes
  • Fast-track Achievement of School Improvement Plans & Develop Longer Term Strategic Plans
Ideal If You Are..
  • Forming a New School Leadership Team or Managing Significant Change
  • Re-aligning Existing Leadership Teams to Maximise School Performance
  • Committed to Whole of School Transformation to Maximise Student Success
The High Performance Teams Framework
Schools are complex places requiring a depth and diversity​ of leadership capability within the administrative and teaching community. Maximising team performance is no longer and option due to the increasing range of demands on schools including:
  • Reducing budgets and cost pressures;
  • Adapting to rapid change and advances in technology
  • Increasing reporting obligations and higher expectations
The High Performance Leadership Teams program was designed for participants to examine their current performance and create a clear action plan across 4 KPIs (see diagram) that ensures the continuous improvement of team and individual performance
School Leadership Teams Development Program
High Performance Teams Three Stage Model
Stage 1
Establish Foundations
  • Baseline assessment
  • Foundation Workshops 1 & 2
  • Implementation of Leadership Team Wellbeing Pulse Survey
  • Leadership Team Strategy & Data Wall
  • Executive Coaching Program
Stage 2
Drive for Results
  • Leadership team focused on HPT Action Plan
  • Staff meetings with self-governance framework
  • Monthly Pulse Survey analysis and dashboards
  • Mid Program Workshop and case presentations
Stage 3
Coach for Sustainability
  • Leadership coaching
  • Observation of staff meetings and self-governance system
  • Program completion workshop and case study outcome presentations
Program Features and Inclusions
  • 360 Online Leadership Assessment per participant

  • New Pulse Version 2.0 Including Collective Teacher Efficacy Indicator

  • HPT Program Toolkit, Workbooks and Book(s);

  • Activities with your facilitator and other leaders through the formation of a Community of Practice;

  • Online portals and pulse surveys;

  • Implementation of a school-based leadership action plan; and 

  • Establishment of a local peer mentoring network and buddy system

Participants will;
Develop key leadership capabilities that will enable you to:
  • Lead by example;
  • Build a team to enhance performance and get the best from colleagues;
  • Develop effective strategies to address the 4 KPIs of Success;
  • Learn with and from others; appreciating skills and diversity;
  • Support others in their learning;
  • Support and endorse team member's goals
Who Should Attend?
  • System Leaders;
  • Principals;
  • Deputy Principals;
  • Heads of Schools;
  • Heads of Special Education Services;
  • Heads of Department;
  • Heads of Curriculum;
  • Teacher Leaders;
  • Teacher
A range of program package costs are available to suit your preferred budget
  • Introductory Sessions are at applicable half day and day rates;
  • Site-based 12 month Programs are based on a customised quote pending team size and program specification;
  • Regional / Cluster based 12 month programs are also available. These programs offer additional benefits in terms of community or practice and price efficiency. Contact us to find out more!
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Dr Pete Stebbins, PhD

HPT Master Trainer


Dr Pete Stebbins is a workplace psychologist, executive coach, author and speaker. Pete has many years of research and professional practice behind him working in leading large scale transformational programs across education and health. 

Dr Danielle Stebbins, PhD

HPT Master Trainer


Danielle is a clinical psychologist and specialises in leadership coaching and facilitation of the high performance teams program across school leadership teams. She has extensive experience working across both education and health with complex team, strategy and organisational challenges

Dr Alistair Kerr

HPT Master Trainer

Alistair is a psychologist and leadership development professional. Alistair's driving passions at work are building sustainable high performance teams; helping teams that are struggling to move forward, as well as teams that are inspired to go from good to great; and using technology to change the way that businesses support employee wellbeing at work.