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Live Your “Ideal” Life: The Endless Summer Life Strategy
What does your ideal life look like? The “Endless Summer” describes living your “ideal” life – whatever that may be!

Life Strategy: Living the Endless Summer is possible for anyone – anyone who will do two things:  
1. Read, write and follow four simple steps to develop your Endless Summer Life Strategy. 
2. Persevere when challenges arise and have the flexibility to adjust plans when needed.

In Life Strategy: Living the Endless Summer, Dr Pete shares his journey toward living an ideal life and describes the important steps needed to:
»» Develop a Life Strategy that will not only define your Legacy and Dreams but also give you specific Goals to focus on.
»» Create detailed immediate Action Plans to achieve your goals and Live your Dreams, and develop contingency plans and support networks to manage challenges and make adjustments along the way.
»» Ensure you have balance across different areas of your life such as Work, Play, Family & Friends, and Relationship.

Life Strategy

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