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Introduction to HPT: Why Teams Fail & The 10 Team Insights

In this workshop we introduce the High Performance Teams Framework and lead the group through interactive discussions on why teams fail and how to implement the 4 success KPIs. Participants are also led through the 10 Team Insights from the High Performance Schools project with an opportunity for participants to scorecard their own team.

Level Up: Building The Highest Performance Teams

In this interactive workshop we introduce the 5 Levels of High Performance Teams in terms of the value of the outputs they produce through achieving their targets and goals, the confidence they create as a team to share information and provide feedback and the challenge they face in order to Level Up, including the relevant leadership approach that is needed to help the team advance to the next level. The workshop also uses a self-assessment tool and completion of a team Level Up development plan.

In this workshop we work with teams to progress best practice meeting principles in 4 areas: (1) Clarity of team roles and scope; (2) Meeting protocols and scorecarding; (3) Effective team dynamics; & (4) Communication and engagement with internal and external stakeholders.

Team Profiling &
Effective Communication

In this workshop participants identify their own workplace personality style and then a series of fun and interactive exercises to develop a whole team profile to understand the strengths and areas of potential clashes among the team. We also develop strategies to leverage individual differences to maximise team performance.

Productive Tension: Below The Line & Calling Behaviour

In this workshop teams identify the differences between healthy and unhealthy conflict and identify their own team specific strengths and weaknesses building an 'Above & Below The Line Chart' unique to their team. With a clear understanding of team specific below the line behaviour, teams then discuss conflict resolution including developing a 'Calling Behaviour Protocol' which can be used when informal feedback breaks down.

Relationship Fitness: Trust Levels & Team Pulse Conversations

In this workshop teams learn about various levels of team trust and the importance of building relationship fitness through continuous team building - short, easy to implement team activities that fit inside meetings and routine workplace communication. They also learn about the psychology of 'going first' leading wellbeing conversations and using team pulse systems to proactively manage team wellbeing.

Resilience vs. Burnout: The 7 Things You Need to Know

In this workshop participants discover how to prevent burnout and maximise their resilience through 7 Life Lessons. Participants also work through a series of exercises on Mindsets, Coping Skills, Lifestyle and Purpose and complete their own wellbeing plan.


Managing Change: The Sustainable Change Fast Track

In this workshop, participants learn about why change management fails and the 4 success factors for fast-tracking sustainable culture change. Participants also develop effective change management strategies related to their own specific workplace challenges.

In this workshop participants build knowledge and understanding about effective feedback processes, power dynamics and unhealthy roles in conflict. They also develop their skills in delivering feedback, managing difficult conversations and develop skills to defuse conflict and promote win/win outcomes. Participants complete a series of interactive activities as well as learn how to leverage their own personal power to further develop supportive and strategic leadership skills.

High Performance 
Feedback Skills

Life Strategy: The Work/Life Balance Myth & Living Your Dreams

In this workshop participants develop their own Life Strategy to live their dreams. Using the Life Strategy Framework we take you on a step-by-step journey to understand your legacy, dreams, goals and specific action plans for each of the 4 life quadrants (Work, Play, Relationship and Family & Friends).

In this workshop teams complete an exercise to determine their team specific Core Purpose aligned to the School's purpose and motto. A vision casting exercise is then completed using a Y Chart to determine the team vision and priorities.

Vision: Setting A Purpose
Driven Vision

Strategy: Stretch Goals
& Action Plans

In this workshop, teams complete a goal setting exercise based on their Core Purpose and Priorities using SMART goal techniques. Stretch Goals (10x Goals) are then developed with the team completing an interactive Action Plan using the 5 W's and 1H (When, What, Where, Why, Who and How).

Collaboration Maps: Team Roles
& Responsibilities

In this workshop, teams develop collaboration maps at two levels: (1) Clarifying their team roles and responsibilities on their HPT Team Chart assessing gaps and overlaps and (2) Mapping their roles in other professional teams and committees across the organisation to identify synergies and efficiencies. 

HPT Meetings:
An Hour of Power!

Strategic Inquiry: Preparing & Conducting Deep Dives

In this workshop we unpack the process of how to conduct Deep Dive strategic discussions in a disciplined, time efficient and easily understood manner using a structured approach to refine and sharpen the focus of the strategic inquiry to conquer seemingly impossible questions.

The Golden Thread: Team Data Walls & Reporting Systems

In this workshop we fast-track the establishment of your team's data wall to drive both achievement and engagement and identify the most critical data needed for your team's success. We explore the concept of the Golden Thread to determine systems and processes that enable everyone in the organisation to be fully aligned to the overarching mission, strategy and goals by integrating meeting protocols, dashboards and data walls.

All workshops available in 1hr, 2hr, Half & Full Day formats & include relevant resources



1.  Evidence Based Content

2.  Education Specific Context

3.  Expert & Experienced Facilitators

4.  Enquiry Based Learning Methods

5.  Comprehensive Resource Kits

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