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 Leadership Masterclass: The 5 Key Skills For 
 Building High Performance Teaching Teams 

Program Goals...
  • Maximise Teaching Team Performance & Student Outcomes
  • Combine the Strengths of Individual Teachers To Be a High Performance Teaching Teams
  • Develop School-Wide Consistency Whilst Differentiating To Specific Team Needs
Ideal If You Are..
  • A Middle Leader Developing Your Own Team Leadership Skills & Manage Change 
  • A Middle Leader Re-aligning An Existing Teaching Team To Maximise Performance
  • A Middle Leader Working in a School Undergoing Significant Change & Transformation

The 5 Foundations of High Performance Teaching Teams:

There are five skills middle leaders need to learn to build High Performance Teaching Teams


Level Up - Develop a Level Up Team Improvement Plan by facilitating a teaching Level Up self-assessment and co-construct an agreed team improvement plan.

Vision & Action - Buy-In to Purpose, Vision & Goals by engaging the teaching team in he process of reviewing core purpose, vision casting and goal/stretch goal setting.

Performance Reporting - Be able to implement HPT Meeting Protocols using HPT Agendas, Rotating Chair/ Moderator Roles, Hot Issues and Strategy Deep Dives. 

Leveraging Diversity - Leverage Diversity by completing a Team Profile and Talent Map along with identifying Above/Below the Line Behaviour and Calling Behaviour Protocols for the Team Data Wall. 

Work/Life & Wellbeing - Implement a trust matched teaming strategy and engage the team in regular team pulse wellbeing conversations.

Accompanying these 5 skills, middle leaders also need to have an understanding of supportive and strategic leadership behaviours and proactively use leadership update tools and peer support networks to maximise their personal wellbeing and job performance.

Two Day Workshop with (Optional) Coaching Program

Program Features & Inclusions 

  • ​Full train x trainer instructional manual and team level guidebooks and resources

  • School Wellbeing Pulse System - 3 Month Free Trial

  • HPT Program Toolkit including workbooks, templates, and key HPT text 

  • Interactive activities with your facilitator and other leaders through the formation of a cross-school Community of Practice

  • Online Learning Portal 

  • Implementation of a faculty/team based action plan and data wall

  • Establishment of a local peer mentoring network and buddy system

Participants Will:

Develop key team leadership capabilities that will enable you to:

  • Lead by example

  • Build a team to enhance performance and get the best from colleagues 

  • Develop effective strategies to address the 5 key leadership skills needed to be able to deliver the foundation modules for building High Performance Teaching Teams

  • Learn with and from others, appreciating skills and diversity

  • Support others in their learning 

  • Support and endorse team member's goals

Program Formats

1. Site-Based Program

​This program is a school specific middle leadership team-focused program, enabling a school to move from 'good' to 'great'. Requiring a 2 day on site workshop and optional follow-up group coaching over 12 months, and various school based activities that fit easily into your business as usual calendar. 

2. Regional/Cluster Program

The HPT Middle Leadership Program can be delivered as a Regional/Cluster program for middle school leaders. This format allows collaboration between a number of school leadership teams with a high level of autonomy and less support in delivering school-specific strategies. Requiring a 2 day off site workshop and then optional follow-up group coaching over 12 months with various school based activities between sessions.

Who Should Attend

  • Principals​

  • Deputy Principals

  • Heads of Schools

  • Heads of Special Education Services

  • Heads of Department

  • Heads of Curriculum

  • Teacher Leaders

  • Teachers


A range of program package costs are available to suit your preferred budget:

  • Site Based 12 month programs are based on a customised quote pending team size and program specification

  • Regional/Cluster based 12 month programs can be deliveres for as little as $795.00* (masterclass only) or $2495.00 (full 12 month program) per person* plus GST with a minimum group size of 15. 

Start Now! 

To get started with HPT Middle Leadership Programs for building High Performance Teaching Teams in your school or region contact Dr Pete Stebbins.

M:  +61 408 107 586     E:     W:

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