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HPT Foundation Schools are best practice exemplars of building High Performance Teaching Teams to maximise both quality teaching and learning, and wellbeing.

The schools listed in the link below have developed a comprehensive whole school approach to HPT, building strong foundations to support every teacher and every team. 

Peer school leaders are welcome to contact the Principal from each Foundation School in the link below to gain more insight into building High Performance Schools.

High Performance_Schools-01.jpg


The middle leaders network is a strategic and supportive community of middle school leaders (HoDs, HOCs, HOSES, Dps, YLCs and other Aspiring Leaders) who are actively engaged in building High Performance Teaching Teams within their subject or year level specific cohorts.

All members of the network are active in ongoing HPT coaching programs and/or leadership forums. You can contact any member of the middle school leader network to share best practice and implementation tips and tricks in building High Performance Teaching Teams

The 5 Foundations of 
High Performance Teams
Level Up Plans
Your Team is Committed To Continuous Improvement
Vision & Action
Your Team Has A Purpose, Vision & Goals Aligned To The Wider Organisation
Performance Reporting
Your Team Has An Updated Data Wall & Uses Best Practice Meeting Protocols
Leveraging Diversity
Your Team's Profile & Above/ Below The Line Behaviours Are Regularly Reviewed
Work/Life & Wellbeing
Your Team Uses Trust Matched Teaming & Wellbeing Pulse Scorecards
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