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Most successful leaders look back on their careers seeing their own personal growth ('me') as the most important success factor, followed by their ability to lead other individuals ('you') and teams ('us').


However, most leadership development journeys do not begin with 'me' followed by 'you' followed by 'us'; they actually occur in the opposite sequence.


The 'us' and 'you' focus of leadership development typically occurs when we haphazardly learn to lead individuals and teams as part of early career survival skills (and bad leadership habits begin), with the 'me' focus of leadership development occurring much later in our careers through executive coaching. 


The failure to focus on the 'me' of leadership development in the early stages of our careers can create a dark legacy as our careers progress. 


In Lead: The Journey from ‘Me’ to ‘You’ to ‘Us’, Dr Pete Stebbins and Ben De Young draw from their many years of personal and professional experiences in leadership development to share the essential skills needed to effectively lead yourself, other individuals, and teams.

In this three-part book, the authors give us some powerful insights into the leadership disasters, pitfalls, and mistakes that many leaders make, and the proven strategies leaders can reliably use to:

  • enjoy their own career and prevent burnout,
  • provide effective feedback and manage conflict,
  • manage upwards and delegate effectively,
  • and motivate teams to strive to higher levels of performance.


Most importantly, this book is full of real-life accounts of successes and failures at work, and contains easy-to-understand, practical examples of leadership in action.

Lead (Book)

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