12 Must Have Strategies for Building High Performance Teams


A high performance school is a journey not a destnation. A school, which achieves great results and is ranked higher than peer schools may seem like a high performance school – but not necessarily in our eyes. Short-term great results can be a one-off stroke of good luck as much as short-term bad results can reflect unexpected misfortune or the inital difficultes of the change management cycle.


To truly be a high performance school, your most important competitor is not your peer schools but rather yourself – your team and your commitment to continuous improvement over the long-term – to be better than you were yesterday, last week, last month and last year. To be focused on supporting students to achieve their very best in the learning and development that takes place in your school and to build a workplace culture for the teaching staff that is both supportive and strategic in encouraging their growth and drive for best practice.

A high performance school may be situated in an affluent suburb or out in a regional, rural or remote area – they can be found anywhere there is the commitment and drive of the school leaders, teaching staff and administration to continuous improvement in their organisation – to maximise both Achievement and Engagement.

Achievement and Engagement are the two critical success factors of the High Performance Teams Framework – each represented by several distinct KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

High Performance Schools (WORKBOOK)