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High Performance Teams are essential for every organisation trying to survive in fiercely competitive global market. To work effectively with others to we need to collaborate, combining the ‘I’ of individuals, with the wider ‘Team’ agenda.


High Performance Teams are extremely capable and cohesive groups of people who can ‘Stand Out’ by achieving extraordinary results as well as ‘Fit In’ to strengthen the culture and engagement of an organisation.


In iTeams: Why High Performance Teams ‘Fit In’ and ‘Stand Out’, Dr Pete Stebbins & Alistair Kerr use their High Performance Teams Framework to unpack the complexities (and practical steps) of both engaging with your team and achieving outstanding results. In this 3 part book, the authors also give us some powerful insights into Why Teams Fail and the Leadership Challenges faced by leaders supporting teams in transformation.


Most importantly this book is evidence based and grounded in outcome based research with case studies from Health, Education, Industry, Government & Social Services.


‘As the founder of a global provider of business education resources, I have worked with many of the great business writers of our time: Jim Collins on the success factors behind great organisations, Liz Wiseman on effective leadership behaviours, and Verne Harnish on scaling up business. I am pleased that I can now also add Pete Stebbins & Alistair Kerr’s book ‘iTeams’ to my list of recommendations!’
- Karen Beattie, Director, The Growth Faculty

Dr Pete's 5-Pack (Books)

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